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F: 803.676.3059

4350 St Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

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  • Do I need a physician's referral?
    No. Under South Carolina Direct Access laws, you can be seen for 30 days without a physician's authorization.
  • I have a prescription for physical therapy at another clinic, can I come to Forged?
    Yes! A prescription for physical therapy can be used at any clinic, regardless of your physician’s recommendation.
  • I am currently in physical therapy but I am not satisfied with my improvement, can I switch to Forged?
    Absolutely! Patients frequently come see us after failing to improve their pain or range of motion with their current therapist. Our one-on-one approach is often able to help people who are struggling to improve in the traditional physical therapy clinical setting where therapists are tasked with treating multiple patients concurrently.
  • Do I need an X-ray or MRI prior to starting physical therapy?
    No. Imaging is unnecessary for most patients we see. Doctors of Physical Therapy are trained in differential diagnostics and will inform you if you require imaging.
  • I had surgery months ago, but am still having stiffness, can physical therapy help?
    Absolutely. PT is important immediately after a surgery, but we see many patients with total joints lacking strength and range of motion even after their therapy. We also see many ACL and shoulder reconstructions months after surgery and rehab to assist patients with their specific goals.
  • Which types of insurance do you accept?
    We accept Medicare, Tricare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you are working with a different insurer, please contact us to inquire about our cash rates. Several of our patients have told us that our cash rates compare favorably to their insured Out of Pocket rates they were paying at PT establishments that accepted their insurance!
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